In 1928 Joep Rompen and his wife Mina Heuts founded a transport company in Mechelen. (The Netherlands)

 In the town of Mechelen gravel was transported to repair the roads. This gravel was obtained from the quarry in the forest of Mechelen.

Funerals with horse and carriage were also carried-out by Rompen.
Joep and Mina had six sons and two daughters, Jeu, Fien, Huub, Leo, Frits, Great, Wiel and Philomien.

 The first lorry was a Willy, afterwards a Chevrolet followed.
After WW-II  all sons obtained their drivers license in a GMC, which they had bought from the Americans.

 In the sixties J.H. Rompen & Sons mainly transported milk, coal and grain.
The milk factory in Reijmerstok, the coal firm Ploem from Kerkrade and LLTB were the most important clients.

The entire family was called in to help with the company. The youngest daughter Philomien was the first female in Mechelen to obtain a drivers license.

 In 1964 Wiel separated from the company from his father and brothers and started his own transport company together with his wife Madeleine.

Because the company was increasing in size and there was limited space in front of their house to park and repair trucks, Wiel Rompen bought a hangar in 1970 from the loan company Lousberg at the Hoofdstraat in Mechelen.

The hangar was fitted with a grease-pit and a part of the hangar was made into a garage to maintain the vehicles. They also fitted a wash-place.

 Around 1980 the legislation of the nuisance act was taken seriously by the town-council.

It was the beginning of a difficult period for the company. Complaints from local residents were made about the sound and the smell of coming and going trucks. For a short period the company tried all types of compromises to keep the company operational.

 Founder Wiel Rompen died at an age of  52 on 23-12-1984 due to a heart attack. His only son, Willem, at that moment 22 years old, took the decision to continue the company with his mother. In 1986 a proposition for company relocation was prepared with the help of the town council of Wittem and the Province. Because all parties were convinced of the necessity relocation, this resulted in a new building in Kerkrade in 1988.

 It appeared to be a golden move. (with thanks to the complaining neighbours!!) As from the opening in the autumn of 1988 it became clear that this step should in fact have had been taken much earlier. The company could work  more efficient again from one single location and occupy themselves with the main activity TRANSPORT!!

 In the period from 1988 the company has experienced a steady increase. The activities were extended in the field of warehousing and truck service. Around 2002 the first ideas were launched nevertheless to venture a step further. This resulted in the purchase of a piece of industrial ground in Heerlen. In April 2004 work began on the construction of a new work location for the several activities of Willem Rompen. This brand-new location is ready from September 2005 and offers Willem Rompen the possibility to give the optimum of services to its existing and new customers.